Saturday, August 8, 2009

Back for the time Being

Okay so I have receved tons of comments of my lack of posts, so hopefulley i will be better about it now, and since Andy got me a new camera for my b-day i will have lots of fun new pictures for you.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Andrew the Awesome

The others day when Andy logged in to our blog he decieded that while everything looked great it was the Kali and Bailey blog, that he didn't have a post for himself, so here is my self proclaimed penence, to brag and boast about my wonderful hubby.(and I am thrilled to do it). My Andrew is the hardest working person I know, he is the first one up in the morning and helps to get Bailey ready before he is off to work. And until last week, came home only to jet off again to Idaho Falls to go to class. Now we do get to see him in the evenings bcause after four tedious years he is finally done with school! Congrats! He takes his test for his journeymans licsence in Aug.
On the weekends he his self instated list of honey do's that he gets accomplished (usually helping me catch-up on laundry from the week.) On one such weekend he helped make our bedroom sparkle just a bit more. We went to a store in Shelly and bought a new bed (headboard) and refinished out nightstands to match. I said we but really it was Andy who did most of the work.

And we love it, he did an amazing job. So Hats off to the Dad of the Year and My #1 Man. I wouldn't know what I would do with out him. So my dear We Love you more than words and can't wait to make more laughs and loves with our favorite DahDahDAh.

Monday, March 30, 2009

So Big So Soon

A couple of weeks ago when then the sun was shining and i thought for a while spring might be coming , we ventured out for an Idaho Falls outing to get Bailey's pictures taken. I was a horrible mother and never got her sixth months pics done, so here are a few of her 7 1/2 month pics, we went to JC pennies and they did a wonderful job, But if thats where you want to go you NEED a coupon they can be found on their website, and I am sad that i don't have to copy rights to these pictures but they are adorable none the less.
Bailey is getting to be such a big girl that I am going through a bittersweet phase, on the one hand i am kind of morning the fact that she is not an infant anymore and is learning independence, but I am so proud that it is almost overwhelming. Anyway what I was going to say that she is mobil now, she has discovered that she can roll anywhere she wants to go, including under tables and the bed, it is her new version peek-a-boo. Also she is so close to crawling that I know she is going to be off and moving any second now. So far she gets up on hands and knees with belly off the floor and then rocks back and forth and shakes her little bum (wonder where she got that from?) but eventually she gives up and rolls whereever she wants to go. Anyway just wanted to catch up on our little life because I haven't posted in a while, look back later for another edition of Bailey Days.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bailey Days

So, Bailey is the center of my life and is obviously the center of my blog as well, so i thought i would add what we do during the day. First she has found a new love, food! its yummy and fun to playin, what could be better. Number two is the exer-saucer that we borrowed from Doug and Hiedi, she can stand and swivl any direction plus all those fun noise makers, and finally after eating and playing its time to wind down, and as you can see her Baby Einstiens are just the thing. We have so much fun during the day and I am loving spoiling my precious little drama queen.

Bathtub Baby

Lately Bathtime has been our favorite time of night as a family. Bailey loves it and Andy and I can't help but smile and laugh just watching her enjoy herself. She has her very special rubber duckies and starts to shiver in anticipation as soon as she sees one of them. Also she spends much of the time with a washcloth on her head, I haven't figured that one out yet, but it does make you chuckle.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Take it to the chopping block

I finally did it about 13 inches went to locks of love and now Andy has a new wife and Bailey a new mom.

Whats in a name...

I need to add a misclaimer about my last post after a few friendsasked me what a boobutt was i decided that I need to share with everyone who mightbe a little confused. Boobutt is what Granny Jo has nicknamed Bailey. Now we don't get to pick our names or what sticks with us and follows us through life but for now Bailey is our lil Boobutt